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Troubleshooting Authentication Issues with SSRS PHP SDK

Jun 5, 2013 at 5:37 PM
My first question is does this SDK work with SQL Server Express 2012?

Also, I am trying to connect to the SSRS on Server A from my WAMP install on Server B, both running windows server 2008. Is there a more detailed message or troubleshooting step that I can take to learn what is causing this. The message returned is:

Failed to connect to Reporting Service
Make sure that the url (http://servername:port/ReportServer_HCCSQL/) and credentials are correct! I have created a windows user with permissions for both the report server database, the database the report is based on, and the sql server logins.

I have also added <RSWindowsBasic/> in the config file.

Can you connect to the SSRS server on server A from Server B? Any troubleshooting tips?