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Got ErrorCode: rsReportParameterTypeMismatch with dates

Sep 12, 2011 at 10:21 AM

I have multiple date parameter values in a report. It works fine in ReportingServices and BIS, but when using it throug the SDK I got this error :

ErrorCode: rsReportParameterTypeMismatch
Error Message: La valeur fournie pour le paramètre de rapport 'DateFin' n'est pas valide pour son type.

(in english :  The given value for the report paremeter 'DateFin' is not valid for this type)

Strangely, the error is not on the first date parameter, but on the second one.

When I display the default values of this parameters, it has the format 'dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:00', and it's the format I use to send the parameters.

I found similar issues on the net, and tried to pass parameters in US format ('yyyy-mm-dd') but without more success.

Does-anyone have any clues about that ?